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Surface water temp Saturday 26/05/2018
16 degrees & rising

This, the first of the National Inland Dive Sites, has been operating since 1958
… and is popularly known as Dozzi.
I’ve owned the site since the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) sold it to me in 1988.
Many divers and swimmers consider it to be the prettiest national site in the UK.
I hope you enjoy your time at Dozzi.

Ian Forster 2

Ian Forster
Site Owner and Chief Instructor
Email: ian@divedozzi.com
Tel: 07928 562916 (24/7)
OR 01827 281304 during opening times (link below)

Newest Addition to Dosthill Quarry

An ex-West Midlands Fire Service, 20-seater Jetstream aircraft, carefully fitted with eyebolts, and escape holes, to enable divers to safely practice their wreck-penetration technique. Sitting in less than 18 metres and available to all certified divers. Here it is shortly after arrival at Dosthill Quarry.

Jetstream arriving at Dosthill Quarry

Jetstream arriving at Dosthill Quarry

Here is an overview of what’s in this website.

Dive Dozzi

Need a reason? Let us whet your appetite with what we have to offer. This includes a very competitive, and great value membership system where you save £50 on every 10 entries for just £15 a year registration and £10 a year renewal.

How Do I Check In?

Familiarize yourself with our entry procedure to be sure you bring all the necessary items for check in.

How Much Is It?

Check the entry fees before you arrive.

Opening Times

We are open four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday, but plan your dives by checking our opening times and this home page to avoid disappointment.

Safe diving always.

Ian Forster