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Clubs and Schools

Many dive clubs and schools have been using Dosthill Quarry near Birmingham for years, and last year a lot more clubs and centres/schools switched from other sites for the usual reasons – low prices, reduced rates for entry-level students without them having to commit to membership, plenty of training platforms, better viz, no algae bloom, parking close to the water, no long queues, no early mornings, great food and lots of facilities. The benefits were too attractive – even though, in some cases, it meant driving a few miles further than to their previous site.

Here are the benefits for this year!!

  1. Registration is FREE.
  2. You can continue to use other inland sites for variety.
  3. Your entry-level students enjoy reduced rates without having to commit to membership before they are qualified – just £10 on organized training days – £5 less than the casual users. Private diving is at the usual rate depending on whether the divers are members or non-members of the site.
  4. Our special evening dive programme (on Thursdays & Fridays from 5pm to 9pm) reduces the dive club/centres/schools rate to just £7!
  5. Registration is also valid at our sister site, Gildenburgh Water near Peterborough, which has budget accommodation and great facilities, more than 30 underwater platforms and many interesting underwater features.
  6. Although you still need to send a notification email to at least 15 hours before each day’s attendance at the dive site, listing the entry-level course and students, you no longer need to list all the other courses you may be running at the same time, or the students on them.
  7. If you need a receipt for your accounts, we will issue one to your staff confirming the amount they have expended on behalf of your club/centre/school.

Important Note. “Entry-level students” means students on the relevant agency entry-level diver training course e.g. PADI Open Water Diver Course or BSAC Ocean Diver Course or equivalent in other agencies. Once this level of training is completed by the student diver, the club or dive centre/school is expected to promote Dozzi membership to the student, so they can enjoy the heavily discounted member rates. Instructors, Instructional Assistants and Divemasters and qualified divers are expected to be members so they can enjoy all the benefits of membership, especially the discounted entry fees, free air fills and free dives.

To take advantage of the reduced dive fees, please register below. If you have any queries just give us a call on 01733 351288 or 07928 562916, and we’ll be happy to explain things personally.

Looking forward to seeing you and your students soon.

Safe diving always.

Ian and Pauline Forster
Dosthill Quarry and Gildenburgh Water

01733 351288 or 07928 562916